Saturday, 31 July 2010

Massage Tips – Preparing For Your First Hot Stone Massage

You've always wondered how it feels to indulge in a massage session. Most of your family and friends have tried it and you hear nothing but positive feedbacks from them. There's a part of you that wants to try it for yourself and another part of you that feels conscious about having another person touch your body.

The hot stone massage is probably the solution for a person like you. During most of the time of the session, it would be the stones which will be doing most of the work, relaxing your body and releasing tension from your muscles. Only minimal skin contact will be received from the therapist.

With the growing popularity of this hottest fad in massage, it is probably about time that you try it for yourself. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your first hot stone therapy.

Select a convenient location and arrangement. A local day spa is a good choice for first-timers since everything is already set up for you. Get recommendations from family and friends or research online to learn about the facilities and amenities of the day spas in your town.

1. Schedule your appointment on a day that is not very hectic. A weekend free from all work and plans is ideal since this will allow you more time to relax before and after a session.

2. Dress comfortably. Avoid wearing many layers of clothing when you go for a massage. A hot stone therapy session will require you to be naked but you will be appropriately covered with a blanket during the session, exposing only a part of the body being treated at a time. If you're feeling self-conscious about being naked, be sure to tell your therapist so she can make arrangements for you to feel comfortable and less anxious.

3. If you have a long hair, tie it up to a ponytail so your hair won't get in the way when the therapist works on your neck and shoulders. It's also a good idea not to wear any jewelry.

4. Arrive on time. You need time to relax and cool down before the session.

5. Communicate with your therapist for any preferences that you may have. If you like dimmer lighting, or the aroma of the room makes you dizzy, or you prefer another type of background music, never hesitate to speak up. Good communication is one of the keys to having an ultimate massage experience.

6. Drink plenty of water before the session to help flush out the toxins from your body. Do the same after to avoid getting dehydrated.

7. Don't eat a heavy meal at least one hour before your scheduled appointment.

8. Relax. This is probably the most important step in your preparation. Loosen up those tightened muscles and let your mind wander and take you to a peaceful place where there is nothing to worry about, where the words laundry, office work or stress do not exist.

Once you've experienced how blissful and relaxing a session of hot stone therapy is, you'll surely be looking forward to your next.

The Massage Stone - The Revolution in Massage Treatment

As with most other industries that exist, the massage industry has gone through some revolutionary changes in order to provide increasingly effective services to people looking for massage therapy and treatment. Of particular popularity is the massage stone, which provides a full body massage, depending on the types of stones used and the massage parlor that is visited.

Many massages stones are created from basalt, which is one of the most abundant igneous rocks that exist, and are used primarily for hot stone massages because they naturally retain heat quite well. Basalt stones vary in size as well as assortment of shapes, which can be used on various parts of the body. For example, contour stones and neck stones exist for the back and neck area respectively. There are also foot stones, and stones that go between fingers and toes, which help to provide a soothing manicure or pedicure treatment. Basalt stones are said to help remove toxic waste from the muscles, and are also effective at relieving stress, depression and even stiff joints!

Massage stones also come in the form of marble, which are typically used for cold stone massages. Chilled marble stones best retain the colder temperatures, and they work at constricting and dilating the blood vessels, thereby allowing for a cleansing effect. Marble stones are effective at deep tissue massage, facials, full body massages, manicures, pedicures, as well as any other type of massage treatment. If you feel you would prefer a cold stone massage treatment, then a marble stone treatment would definitely be perfect for you.

Chakra stones are also very effective as popular massage stones, and are used in conjunction with hot stone massages to enhance the effects. As you probably figured, these stones are directly related to the Chakra healing techniques, which concentrate on seven centers of energy said to exist in the human body. Chakra stones are meant to be placed on specific points of the body, or pressure points, so blocked negative energies and tension can be released.

A combination of hot and cold massage stone therapy can provide beneficial treatment, as well as ultimate relaxation for people who experience it. Today, there are even stones that are used specifically for deep tissue massages that go much further than the standard surface massage. If you have been accustomed to the regular, plain old massage treatment from the masseuse at the salon around the corner, how about introducing yourself to the power of massage stone treatment? With massage stones, you can basically achieve the same results that a regular body massage would provide, plus added benefits. Depending on what your needs and preferences are, you can perhaps try out hot or cold stone massages - or both.

Be a part of the revolutionary massage treatment that has created quite a stir in the massage and specialized treatment industry. Give your body the treatment and relaxation it deserves by introducing yourself to massage stone therapy. Your body will definitely feel the results almost immediately.